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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Love

I have an every other weekend type of job. So when it was time to clock out Friday night at 1230 am, I was a happy lil' nurse. For the weekend, my job is done. I don't have make anyone feel better this weekend, but myself. There are no patients, doctors, call bells, IVs, medications, or chaos.... and it feels wonderful.

Today started off a little later than I wanted, didn't feel like getting out of bed until 10 am! All things considered, based on the time I go to bed it's only 7 hours of sleep so it's okay.

The first thing that popped into this girl's head....breakfast. Made his and hers breakfast sandwiches with wheat toast, two eggs, low fat provolone and a piece of bacon. Again drizzled with cholula goodness. I was so hungry I failed to take a picture before devouring it. So it kind of looked exactly like this.

I have a to do list that I WILL accomplish today. It involves some good stuff and some tedious things, but like I said before, no work. The main event of the day: baking something that involves my one true love, chocolate.

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