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Friday, March 25, 2011

All I want......

........ is a piece of Costco's heavenly chocolate cake. Say it with me, triple layered chocolate cake filled with sweet chocolate goodness with chocolate shavings surrounding it's edges of wonderful chocolate icing.
It may just be me, but I feel like I can taste the chocolate through the screen. Or it's just a dream of mine. To be able to make my air taste this good with ZERO calories. We all can dream.

If I can't have that, then I want this.
My other half is trying to find a new job. I told him for all the cover letters and tests I so graciously do for him, he owes me a cheesecake. When the easter bunny comes with my basket, this better be in it.

Along with coupons, lots of them, so that in the summer I can enjoy as many of these as my heart desires.
Carvel soft serve covered in thousands of rainbow sprinkles. I think I may have just passed out at the thought.

I am torturing myself because I have spent 17 long days dreaming of chocolate, ice cream, cookies or anything that deserves a drooling mess. While I have been wonderful at keeping to the NO SWEETS ZONE I have just figured out that it is not 40 days that I will need to tough out, it is actually 46! No, it's not going to break me, but it is making me dream. I mean, there is only so much fruit you can eat to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I will survive. Mostly because I have the man telling me that we will not fail.


  1. I'm so obsessed with ice cream!! So I can't blame you :)

  2. I, too, can taste that Costco chocolate cake right now. That is what heaven is made of.


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