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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridal Meltdown

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. Up until today, I had displayed the easy going, pleasant non-bridezilla. Then, sh*t happened. (Excuse the language, but there is no other way to put it).

Again, it is raining. When mother nature decides to stop urinating on us all, let me know. Until then, I'm in a fight.

I almost got run off the highway by a man who was illegally talking on his cell phone. I think he should eat it, and poop it out whole.

I got stuck in traffic on the Merrit because someone unfortunately got in an accident. I changed my route and ended up sitting in traffic with nasty women who kept flipping each other off for 2 hours. It was amusing until I got the finger for no apparent reason except I was there.

I arrived to pick up my wedding dress for a fitting, to find the woman not there. I sat in my car for 1 1/2 hours waiting while it down poured. As I waited I became more angry and thats when my eyes started to have issues. Clearly I was not crying, my contacts were bothering me. Clearly.

When she finally arrived, I didn't say what I had been ranting at my mother and sister. Instead I just asked for my dress. She cried and of course I had to make her feel better. Wasn't I the one that was forgotten, again?

The seamstress told me to get a new dress, 24 days before my wedding. That my dress has two much material in the back. Maybe it's that my ass is too big? She says no. I bawled my eyes out. I wanted my mommy at the age of 28.

I cried the whole hour to my eye appointment, that I was late for. When I got there I didn't even need the appointment. I paid a copay to have the doctor tell me my eyes are white. Really?

I sat through a work meeting trying to tune out the voices of women complaining. To me, it sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard. If that is me, I vow never to speak again.

But, all is well in the world. My dog's bowel movements are not waking me up every 3 hours.

That my friends, is positivity.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jack n' Jill

I have a question, do you know what a Jack n' Jill is?

It seems as though many people do not know what a jack n' jill entails. This being said, I have had a lot of questions and negativity in regards to MY decision for MY wedding to have one. In the bigger picture, this does not really matter, but it has at times placed a "cloud" over this special time for us. It all goes away though when I remember the great time that I had with my family and friends, who came to support us and show us unconditional love.

I chose the jack n' jill over the traditional shower because I HATE being the center of attention. I also don't particularly like having a bunch of women in the same room doting over me. I wanted a party with fun, excitement, alcohol and testosterone. It was just what I wanted, isn't this what your wedding should be about, you?

Our jack n' jill was on April 30th at The Elks Lodge. It was a fantastic time with great people, great food, great raffle prizes, lots of alcohol, and did I mention it was great?
 It's getting close!
 The happy couple
 My beautiful mama and step-dad
My maid of honor, my sister and my future brother in law Craig
 My cousin Ally and her gorgeous daughter Veda
 One of my bridesmaids, Sage & her beau Jay
 My mama and my uncle
 My sister and my grandma
Some of the boyzzzz
 My sister, grandma and I
 Another bridesmaid & bestie, Kayte
 Bottoms up!
 Jesse and Carmello
 The family missing Craig :-(
My mama and sister
Craig and sleeping Veda

There are a lot more pictures but these are some of my favorite. There are some family and friends that escaped photos that night, so I'll be sure to get good ones at the wedding! 26 days and's just around the corner!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

CraZy Time

Time has slipped away from me this past month. I have not been able to write, nor read everyone's fabulous posts. While I do miss knowing what is going on in all the blogs that I follow, your wonderful lives and delicious eats, I have been quite the busy & happy girl over here.

So what has happened since I last posted? I turned the ripe old age of 28! My birthday, April 26th was spent getting our engagement photos taken in the morning and then I got to spend a wonderful day with my favorite person, my very soon to be hubby! It was a great day, filled with love and happiness, all I could ask for.

Although,  I believe that my wonderful other half likes the attention of Mr. Police Officer. He has a habit of getting stopped A LOT!! His explanation, "I have bad luck" My interpretation, he has a problem with following the law. It stems back to his corrado days, when he use to be a bad boy. Then he met me and again as he explains, "I have taken away all his fun." Hrm, if fun is getting pulled over by policemen, I'd rather be lame. Except for the fact that most women are turned on by police uniforms. I guess it depends on if the body under the uniform hasn't been consumed by donuts!

Anyways, the man ran through a NO TURN ON RED right in front of a state trooper. Our only saving grace as to not getting a ticket, it was this lady's birthday. The po-po felt nice and told the man he better treat me right and take me out. He did.

Since we had given up sweets for Lent, we had yet to enjoy our favorite dessert, cheesecake. So my birthday dinner was spent at the Cheesecake Factory.

It was a delicious meal, and the cheesecake was well worth the wait!
Fuzzy picture of my fruity b-day cocktail
Shrimp appetizer served with an asian aioli....YUM

For dinner I enjoyed the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, which is one of my favorites. Sadly, I can't get my picture to upload, but just imagine grilled corn, black beans, fresh avocado, chicken & cucumbers all atop a bed of lettuce drizzled in a barbecue ranch dressing.

The rest of our fun filled days have been spent at work and many, MANY appointments. We also had a blast at our Jack & Jill, which I will recap in another post. Hope everyone is enjoying the mostly warm weather, and I'm excited to show you the awesome pictures of my family & friends, who have started celebrating this wonderful time with us!

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