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Friday, January 6, 2012


So yesterday I had a flashback moment. I was trying to carry up dinner, a present, my purse, and a bag of soda to my friends. The soda kept dropping out of the bag and in order to pick it up, I had to put everything else down. As I was trying to pick up the rest of my things, the soda would fall again. This all happened while in the elevator.

As I got to my floor of choice, I had to roll the soda out with my foot. When I completed this task, I dropped the present. As I was trying to pick it back up, the elevator door closed and decided to go back down to the 1st floor, leaving my poor soda by itself. Fortunately for me, when I got back upstairs, it was still there waiting for me.

Now, go back 10 years, my freshman year in college. I lived with two other girls, and we liked to play jokes on each other. One day we got the bright idea of sticking my roomie's favorite camping chair (one of those expensive ones) in the elevator. We watched it go down, and come back up. We watched it go down and come back up. It was highly amusing back then. Do I know why? No. Don't judge. The third time it went down, it didn't come back up. We ran to all the other floors looking for it, but it was gone.

To the bastards that stole the chair from us immature college girls- I hope it broke when you sat in it.

Oh the memories.
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