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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life is a Miracle

The past few months have not been without obstacles. They have not been without tears, nor have they been the happiest of moments. But through the tears, pain and disappointment, there has been a clarity. I have been given the opportunity to see the positivity and beauty in all things, both good and bad.

To say I've not been happy with my current job, might be considered an understatement. I loathe working nights, but despite a few interviews, I am still at this job. I am trying to see what I can learn from it, and what I have already learned so far in the 4 months I have been there.

I am trying to find happiness in all the beautiful moments spent with my husband. We are trying to do a lot more in our time together, instead of just hanging out at home. We are making memories, things we can talk about until we grow old and gray together. In 50 years, I hope to look back and remember sitting under the beautiful night sky, wrapped in a blanket with my love, listening to a live concert by Lady Antebellum. I want to remember that this life was worth living, because it is.

Nothing is ever perfect, there will always be things in your life you wish you could change. Just try to live each day knowing that you are surrounded by a miracle, because that is exactly what happened when all of us were created.

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