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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Months Before

I have gone through many emotions over the past 8 months, most of them centered around having a baby. We were going to start right after our wedding, but it seemed that the timing was not in our favor. Our work schedules didn't allow for any time together, someone was always too tired and it just had a lot more disappointment than I ever wanted.

I didn't want the experience of making a baby to be rushed, or full of negative emotions. I didn't want to become pregnant and feel like I was going through it by myself. I wanted my best friend there, my husband.

While not every moment was good through the last eight months, I know in my heart that the waiting has all been for a reason. If we weren't in a situation to wait, my husband would still be in a job that took all his time and I would still be working at a job I started to hate.

We are now settling into our new routine, one that allows us time together. Time is important in starting a family and I am very excited that our time to try for a family is getting closer.

Why three months and not now? I sometimes ask that question to myself. I would love for it to happen now, or even just start but I just started a new job, insurance has not kicked in yet and in order for you to have FMLA protection, you have to be at your job a year. It could happen now and I would be ecstatic, but then I would only get to spend 6 weeks with my child instead of 12. That is something that I really would love, being a first time mom and having to eventually go back to work. I know that you can't plan everything and I am not trying to, but if I can have just a little more time before I would have to leave my baby, I will definitely try to take it!

So for the next three months I am going to make sure to treat my body right, feed my body right, rest and make it the best little oven that it can be for a healthy bean! Just writing about it makes me smile. There really is nothing so beautiful as creating another life. I can't wait until I can make my husband a father.

How could you not want to make that smiling face a daddy?!?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Changes

I have found over the past year after religiously reading the blogs I follow each day, that we need more excitement in this house. We have spent so much time NOT doing the things we want to because of our jobs and conflicting work schedules. That is all about to change.

My husband and I have both started new jobs. Our life before these jobs was filled with frustration, loneliness and sadness. What others kept to referring to as our "newlywed honeymoon phase" was anything but that. That has changed.

Instead of waiting up to three weeks to have dinner with my love just for one night, I am now able to eat dinner with him at least four times a week, if not more. I am able to see and spend time with him on the weekends. We are now able to lead a more normal life.

When I say normal, I do not mean a picture perfect situation that is portrayed in a book or a movie. I am not comparing it to anyone else's life. This is our life. Our lives are what we make of them. I feel so fortunate that we were able to see that our old ways weren't working for us. These jobs fell upon us as if it were meant to be. I am going to embrace every moment I can from now on.

This is our future.
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