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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jack n' Jill

I have a question, do you know what a Jack n' Jill is?

It seems as though many people do not know what a jack n' jill entails. This being said, I have had a lot of questions and negativity in regards to MY decision for MY wedding to have one. In the bigger picture, this does not really matter, but it has at times placed a "cloud" over this special time for us. It all goes away though when I remember the great time that I had with my family and friends, who came to support us and show us unconditional love.

I chose the jack n' jill over the traditional shower because I HATE being the center of attention. I also don't particularly like having a bunch of women in the same room doting over me. I wanted a party with fun, excitement, alcohol and testosterone. It was just what I wanted, isn't this what your wedding should be about, you?

Our jack n' jill was on April 30th at The Elks Lodge. It was a fantastic time with great people, great food, great raffle prizes, lots of alcohol, and did I mention it was great?
 It's getting close!
 The happy couple
 My beautiful mama and step-dad
My maid of honor, my sister and my future brother in law Craig
 My cousin Ally and her gorgeous daughter Veda
 One of my bridesmaids, Sage & her beau Jay
 My mama and my uncle
 My sister and my grandma
Some of the boyzzzz
 My sister, grandma and I
 Another bridesmaid & bestie, Kayte
 Bottoms up!
 Jesse and Carmello
 The family missing Craig :-(
My mama and sister
Craig and sleeping Veda

There are a lot more pictures but these are some of my favorite. There are some family and friends that escaped photos that night, so I'll be sure to get good ones at the wedding! 26 days and's just around the corner!

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  1. You are the bride and you should do whatever it is you want. 'Nuff said.
    Great photos!! Your mom is gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed your day!


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