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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breakfast X 2

-0.5 lbs
Who doesn't love breakfast? I could eat breakfast for all three meals of the day. I don't think the mister would like that much though.

Breakfast #1: Two pieces of whole wheat toast topped with Teddie Peanut Butter and a banana. Now I understand why so many of you healthy living bloggers eat this every morning!
The only catch for me, I developed a sensitivity to bananas. I use to eat one every day without a problem. Then one day I started to get nauseous after eating them, I would get dizzy and I almost passed out in Home Depot. So I stopped eating them. But every once in a while I try to eat them again, only to have the same thing happen. My love for bananas runs deep so today is one of those days where I'm going to eat one. I'll let you know how it goes.

The man also was kind enough to get me my iced coffee fix. He loves me!

Breakfast #2: Between breakfast and going to work I don't have much time, but I do need to eat something. It is not healthy to eat at 9 am and then not again until 6. So, sometimes I have a smoothie, or a protein bar with some babybel cheese. Today, I made the time and decided I wanted to have a few eggs. So I had two eggs overhard with a piece of lean ham. I think it will give me the protein punch that gets me through to dinner!
Dinner: Salad! Can't go wrong.

In the mix
Romaine Lettuce
Shredded Carrots
Green bell pepper
Slivered almonds
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Grilled chicken tenders
Ken's Steak House Lite Caesar Dressing
All packed up and ready to enjoy at work. Now it's time to get some things done before having to go to work. Let's hope for a good night!

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