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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Colors

It wasn't a difficult decision to know what colors would appear all over my wedding. It was actually quite obvious. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't revealed my decision from day one, everyone that truly knows me would already have known the answer.

Purple and green.
Not just any purple and green though. A deep purple, the color of plums. A green with a subtle hint of gray, sage green.

While I have had no problem incorporating purple into the day, the green kept getting pushed to the background. If a decision had to be made, my eyes would automatically fall on anything in my favorite color. My mind envisioning a room draped with purple linens, purple flowers, purple people...well, not really.
It seems that my favorite color happens to be the color theme for many weddings this year, and that's alright. I was watching one of my favorite people, David Tutera and a bride came out with a purple wedding dress. She stole my idea, damn!
Not really. Although I secretly wouldn't mind one. Maybe.

There are a lot of details I'm still trying to piece together in my head but we have managed to decide on our flowers. I know a lot of people while planning their wedding want loads of flowers everywhere. That would be great if we had a never ending budget. I guess when I was younger I should have planted myself a wedding money tree. If only money trees were real. 

So for our wedding flowers, my florist describes them as an elegant base of baby green hydrangeas punctuated with deep saturated hues of aubergine, lavenders, apricot and tangerine. Whatever that means, just kidding.

Without even mentioning everything else that we've planned, it's going to be a vibrant day!

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