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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pantry Crawl Shrimp

The cloudy overcast doesn't do wonders for my internal clock. I don't think it helps anyone, but I only know from my personal experience that when the sun isn't shining, this girl isn't either!

I woke up to the devastating news of the tsunami in Japan and Hawaii, how sad. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to anything weather related. Maybe in another life I got stuck in a tornado? Held onto a tree during a hurricane, only to blow off at the last minute? I am not making a joke of these horrible natural disasters. When I say that I am truly sorry for the lost lives, I really do mean it, it makes my heart sad.

So to make the day better, my love went and got me iced coffee. I swear, if he never bought me another thing again except iced coffee, I could be happy. Well, let me rethink is one of those "in the moment" statements.
Breakfast: Eggs with turkey sausage and a side of healthy banana!
I was so excited when I finally got the save the dates out in the mail the other day, it only took me forever. Well, yesterday they all came back. I guess I should have checked with Mr. Postman on how much the postage would be for said shaped envelopes, Oops! FAIL! It happens..... so I thought I would share with you our cute save the date. They make me happy.
Lunch: I decided it would be a good time to eat the rest of my burger from yesterday. On the side I added some green pepper slices for a little CRUNCH!
I'm still feeling under the weather so I had to cancel my plans for today. Based on how I've felt the past few days after going out and getting things done, I need to stay home, hydrate, rest and get better so my weekend full of work doesn't kick my behind.

So, I cooked instead. It is the little things in life that make you happy, and for me making good meals at home is where it's at today. The honored guest of the evening.... Mr. Shrimp and a few of his buddies.
I'm trying to cut back on the grocery shopping bill and only go when we are out of our staples. So after a little brain pickin' I decided I would use what ingredients I have on hand and what I LOVE. Olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley and maybe a little lemon. Simple, tasty, perfect.
After I started to cook some other ingredients fell into place, parmesan cheese and pasta. Meal complete.
I leave you with this. Hopefully in a few hours, I will be doing the same.


  1. That pup has the right idea!!! I want to be napping!!! I doubt a nap is in the cards for me today....maybe if both kids miraculously fall asleep at the same time today? Yeah right! :)

  2. Do you get flavored iced coffee? I like how at DD their flavored coffee isn't any extra calories. The save the dates are really cute, I like that they are black and white. Hope you feel better soon!


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