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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Healer

This little guy has brought me so much joy in the past four weeks. I can't imagine our life without him. He came at the right time and I am very fortunate for all three of my furry friends. They are my family.

Jace is such a smart dog, but he's a puppy nonetheless. He loves to find new toys that don't belong to him, a lady's undergarments being a big hit! If you leave it on the floor, this guy will find it.

He enjoys taking the husband's pile of clothes, yes, the whole pile and dragging it from the bedroom to the living room. It is a pile that is much bigger than him, but he is a determined little pup.

He was brought into this family to keep my mind off of things, and he does an amazing job. I could take pictures of him all day, he is quite photogenic!

To my Jace, you are a keeper!!!!

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