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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wedding Crunch

Less than 4 months and I will be walking down that infamous aisle to marry the man that stole my heart 7 years ago!

When we got engaged in January 2010, the day June 10th, 2011 was 16 months away. It felt like FOREVER!

Now we are approaching it very fast and I have LOTS to do. I've crossed the big stuff off the to do list a while ago, but now we still have a lot to focus on! As the time gets closer and closer, I find myself becoming more scatter brained, and the only thing to help are to do lists. So here is my current to do list.

- Send save the dates (2 months behind!)
- Find centerpieces
- Figure out favors
- Find shoes
- Have all rings appraised so we can insure them
- Apply for passport
- Finalize flowers
- Figure out hair style and make appointments
- Have engagement photos taken
- Have separate photographer take picture for newspaper (one of my patients gifts to us!)

Blah, blah, blah. There are a few more things but I'm boring myself with the list, so I will stop. This is such an exciting time, but all this work for 5-6 hours??? I think wedding celebrations should last for a week. I know that we still have the showers, jack & jill, and the B&B parties but maybe I just want more love & happiness!!

Well, time to get cracking on some "stuff" before the night is completely over and I've wasted my day. I'll leave with a few photos of these cuties.....

How could you not fall in love with these babies? Wish they stayed that small, minus the constant chewing and peeing on everything!


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