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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pre-Wedding BBQ

There has been many moments in my life where I wish I could turn back time to when we were a family. A complete family consisting of mom, dad, big sister and me. I am one to always try to live for the moment, no regrets, no looking back but when things happen in your life to alter that "perfect family", sometimes you may reminisce.

I've had moments where I've missed my father, been mad at my father and been disappointed. Through all these feelings, I've moved along trying to see the positive side to the situation such as I've always had this beautiful woman. Who has by far been my rock, my entire life.
The beautiful ladies in my life, mother & sister
That doesn't take away those feelings though. Especially when the most important day of your life is right around the corner and you want everything to be alright.

My family felt the same way as I did, so we decided to do a BBQ at our house to get everyone together to ease the awkwardness that we were ultimately trying to avoid for our big day!

It worked. Over a wide variety of foods and desserts, the family talked, laughed and broke through that ice we all thought needed to be thawed.

We enjoyed the usual BBQ feast consisting of hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, pulled pork, chicken...oh the list could go on. The food was tasty, the atmosphere warm and most importantly, the company was amazing.

We even got this beautiful lady to enjoy some shots with us!

We got to spend time with this adorable tot!

And we ended the night on a great note..... Reece's Peanut Butter Klondike Bars. Enough said! I wish I had taken more photos that day, but I guess I didn't. That's alright though because the next few posts with have lots!!

Much love,

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