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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bachelorette Festivities

If you know me, I would let you say that I may be a control freak who hates surprises. At the same time, I am also one who ruins her surprises due to my fabulous observational skills. I hate to admit it, but yes I am the girl who says "No surprises please" but gets sad when none happen. I annoy myself.

I had told my sister that the Mr. and I didn't need to have that last party separately as unmarried folk. We had been together long enough to have our fun and that we could just have a big get together with everyone. I was perfectly content with that decision. That is what I thought we were doing. I was mistaken.

As I've been told since my last final outing as an unmarried lady, I am a difficult being. One of my bridesmaids told my sister she felt like she was being interrogated by the police. What? I'm a nosy person who likes to know what's going on! It may or may not be one of my very few flaws!

So the plan was a very casual evening going to see the movie Bridesmaids with a few of my own! I was actually really pumped for this movie, and can't wait to see it since the night did not include a movie. While I was getting ready I decided to put on a skirt to feel like a girl, which is very unlike me and my typical casual attire. Maybe subconsciously I thought something was going to happen? No, I really didn't. 

One of my bridesmaids and best friend, Lauren picked me and told me that we had to stop at her sister's job to pick up something for her mother. I waited patiently in the car until she returned with a box covered in tin foil. She placed it into her trunk, laughed and then we were on our way. Hrm, think I was suspicious? Nope!

We were meeting at my sister's boyfriends brother's house, so when we pulled up and my sister was wearing a dress, one would have thought I would have figured out that maybe we weren't going to a movie. I still didn't. I laugh at myself for not seeing the obvious signs, but my mind was completely preoccupied and the girls did good! So as I was walking in the house, I saw my other bridesmaids and knew I had been tricked!

As I mentioned earlier, I hate surprises. So it took me a few minutes to feel comfortable in the situation. I was that awkward girl looking around, playing with my hair, taking deep breathes and trying not to feel self conscious that all eyes were on me. Eventually, the real Melissa came out!

We played some dirty bachelorette games that I should not mention on this blog, keeping it PG but it was fun! I received some scandalous gifts, all of which I love and find hilarious.

Then, in came the cake. Remember that box my friend put in her trunk? Well that was a cake made especially for me in the shape of a boy's nether region. They tried to make it as life like to my now husband, which at the time made me feel dirty. That's all I'm going to say because besides that we dominated the yummy cake!

Our night then took us to a local bar where we proceeded to play games, drink and have a great time. We ended up at another bar where we could get our dance on, and boy did we! It's been a long time since I've visited that scene, and I loved it! Shots, dancing, and laughing....pretty much sums up our night.

The men in our lives chilled together at the first bar we graced our presence with until we were ready. Then like our own personal chauffeurs, they came to our rescue when we were good and done (some more than this girl!) to take us home.

The Mr., my other best Kayte and I found our way to Denny's, where we continued to order food and this girl passed out on the table. I'm such a champ. Since I didn't eat my food, I've been craving french toast for 3 weeks now!

But the next day, I was a rock star because I woke up bright eyed and ready to go. Until later.

It was a great night that I will always remember. My friends were able to surprise me and the Mr. was able to keep a secret as well. It's amazing how many people will buy you shots when they know you are getting married, makes you feel special. You may not know them, and they may not care later but a free shot is a free shot!

Much love,

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