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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I long for summer......

I know that I live in New England. I know that we have four seasons, and I KNOW that I hate one of them. Winter. I use to love it, when I was in elementary school. But now, while it may be pretty the first day, it definitely annoys me more than anything. I don't get snow days anymore, and I can't jump for joy when there are delays. Why you ask? Well just like every other adult in this world, our jobs don't work like that! (Unfortunately!!)

So while I am stuck looking at this........

and this

while also staring sadly at this

which to you guys looks like just a bunch of snow, BUT in a few months (ok a little more than just a few) it'll be back to looking like this!

But it's going to be ok, because the countdown has started In 144 days I'll be in Antigua, soaking up some sun, drinking cocktails, and winter will be a very distant memory!

Until then, i'll sip on some much needed java.

Do you like my coaster? Love this book, one of the best investments I've made. I have an addiction to fitness magazines, books and cookbooks. Maybe one day I will give in and take a picture of my bin to show you how deep this obsession is. Maybe, one day.

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