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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Excitement Needed

I was on such a roll in the beginning of 2011, blogging, cooking and possibly leading a somewhat exciting life! All that kind of stopped after our wedding and we have been left with work, work and not much of anything else.

It's been an interesting few months in this household, not all good and fabulous but nothing horrible. As the holidays approach I'm focusing on all the good things in our lives. How lucky I feel every day to be married to someone I enjoy so very much and miss almost every day we don't get to see each other (which has been A LOT!) I'm excited to be having our first Christmas in our home with both our families. It's always slightly humorous to get my family and his together. They don't always know how to communicate to each other!

I am looking forward to 2012, and its only about 3 weeks away! I plan on making our lives much more exciting so I can document it for myself and anyone else who wants to read! Until then, a picture of Dan and I, 5 years ago on Christmas Eve- ahh love!

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