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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life Afterwards

The chaos is over, and all things have returned to normal. The man has been spending his days working his buns off, while I've been working and making our house a home.

The summer is coming to a very fast end, the nights cooler and the days shorter. I am embracing the fall as a newly wed and hoping to get a few things crossed off my To Do List!

1. Go Apple Picking
I have been wanting to go apple picking for the past 5 years with my husband before he was my husband. Every year goes by and it never fails that we don't go. For the past two years, we haven't had an excuse, we live right up the road from an apple farm!!! What?!? So, apple picking will happen this year. Baking apple pies, apple crisps, eating apples with peanut butter...those are the things I am looking forward to!

2. Go to a Haunted House

As with apple picking, I have asked to go to a haunted house before Halloween multiple times. I can not explain why we have not yet gone besides crazy different schedules between the two of us. I want to be scared to the point that I almost *ahem* myself. If there are any suggestions out there for the area of Connecticut, let me know!

3. Finish our Sunroom

We have finally changed our bare sunroom with no furniture into a work in progress! I am so excited about what the room is turning into. It will be, by far my favorite room. I love that there is natural light in that room all day long until nighttime.

4. Cook a new recipe at least once a week

As anyone that has been married knows, life gets a little crazy before a wedding, and sometimes it may take a little time to settle back into a routine. Our routine has taken some getting use to since the Mr. has just opened up a new Cheesecake Factory and he has been working nonstop since we got married. It has been mainly me by myself for the majority of the nights I'm not working, so my cooking has been lacking as of lately. I hope to get back into the swing of things and make some fabulous meals!

5. Bake, bake, and bake some more
Remember these, my mouth does!!!
Baking relaxes me, so with the stress of working in the Emergency Department and missing my husband, I think it will do me some good! Plus, who doesn't like to eat sweets once in a while?!?

6. Lose weight, get healthy

I have a habit of always wanting to be the healthiest I can be without putting in the effort. I say what I'm going to do, right down my game plan, follow it for a few days and then whoops, where did the plan go?  So on that note, I'm trying to be more accountable, I'm being open about my weight and body issues with my husband, and I've signed up for WeightWatchers Online. I want to be the person my future kids will look up to. I want to live a long life. I want to be happy.

Not too much to ask, right? I'm sure there are other things that I would add to that list, but for now that will do. I am looking forward to what the fall will bring!

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