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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sister Friend!

For many years throughout our childhood, I always felt like my sister stole my spotlight. It makes me laugh to think about it now. Her birthday is two days before mine and she always turned a "better" age than me (in my eyes, of course!) She is three lovely years older than me.

When I turned 10, she became a teenager. When I became a teenager, she had her sweet sixteen. When I turned 18, she was drinking herself to oblivion at the ripe age of 21!

When she got her first car, I got a saddle. This right here is a memory that will always remain in my mind. It makes me snicker. Her first car was kind of a shit mobile and when I was handed my first  riding saddle, the thought that went through my head...."what is this? This isn't pretty!" What a rotten little girl I was!

Sharing birthday parties with her didn't really become enjoyable until my 21st birthday. We took a bus to the city and rocked that shit. It was a fabulous time.

As the years go on, I've enjoyed having a birthday close to my sister. It's our own little special time every year to celebrate. As we get older, I appreciate my sister more and more.

So today, I wish my sister friend the best birthday ever.... and I'm sure with this little man, she'll have a great one! Me love you lots and lots!

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