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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Every Day

For the very first time in the eight wonderful years I have been with my love, we have NEVER been able to spend an entire holiday weekend together. I never understood what I had been missing, until this  Thanksgiving. Through the many changes we have made in the past year, we have finally found jobs that allow us to spend time together. Four.whole.fabulous.days. And fabulous they were.

We spent lots of time with family which was great. Spending time with out parents means so much to us and while our family may be small, it is full of love. Here is my beautiful and silly momma, I just love her.
We woke up early on friday morning and were out the door by seven. We had no plans to venture out on the infamous black friday, but why not? It wasn't rushed, it wasn't overly busy, and we did snag a few little things but we weren't planning on spending money. We were just enjoying each other's company.

Later that evening, I was graced with my husband's presence at the awesome movie Twilight and we had a nice date night dinner together afterwards. Let's just say I am no spring chicken anymore and my official bedtime has move up quite a bit since switching jobs!

Although, I was a champ and stayed up until 1 am on Saturday when we had our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at my moms. The food was delicious and it was a fun, relaxed night.

I've learned a lot in the past year. I've learned what truly matters to me and while it hasn't come without difficulty, I am embracing my new found love for life. Every day is a gift, every day I am thankful, and every day I am blessed with a family that I love more than words.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and continue to embrace this time of year....Tis the season!

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