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Friday, October 7, 2011

October Falls Upon Us

We are officially in the tenth month of the that went by quick! I can still recall the Mr.'s 30th birthday party back in January!
At that time we were still doing all the wedding planning and everything else that comes with it! Half of me is happy the stress of it is over. The other half secretly would like to go back to that day and watch it all as a fly on the wall. I know I'll have the chance as soon as the wedding video is done!

Now here we are in October, a month that I love for many reasons.

Reasons I love October

In October 1st of 2004, the Mr. and I had our very first date!

This month holds many birthdays of the ones I love! My best friends all have their birthdays in this month. I guess my personality mixes well with those born in this month?!?

The leaves change and while I am sad to say goodbye to beautiful summer weather, I look forward to less humid days and cool crisp nights.

It's one of my best friend's baby showers in 2 weeks! In about 10 weeks we'll be able to meet her little guy and I'm so unbelievably happy for her.

The start of the holiday season is near! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve..... I'll be working for most of them, but I look forward to whatever time I get to spend with my family.

Last, I am definitely looking forward to cooking all the yummy classics that we pass up during the warmer months. Chili, soups, pastas, and pure comfort foods.

Can't wait for what the fall will bring!

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